Yoga Video - Bridge Posture and Upward Bow Posture

October 23, 2008 by kal  
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A Yoga video by Emily Collins demonstrating a series of back bend poses, Bridge Posture - Setu Bandhasana then into Upward Bow Posture - Urdhva Dhanurasana. These are very good especially if you work at a computer and you feel tight in your chest, shoulders and wrists. Wonderful for elasticity of the spine, and opening the chest and the heart area.

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At Work Video Exercise - Hamstring Stretch

April 13, 2008 by kal  
Filed under At Work

This exercise will stretch the hamstrings and help the lower back. The “At Work ” series is a collection of videos that can help your posture whilst you are seated at your desk. The exercises are based on Pilates and Yoga techniques which improve posture, reduce back pain and reduce the chances of suffering from back, hip, neck, shoulder and arm aches and pains. Practiced at regular intervals throughout the day mean we can avoid ” fixation”, that is staying in a fixed seated positions, which have been proven to weaken postural balance and give rise to aches, pains and serious injuries. The exercises take us out of these fixed habits and allow the essential flow of oxygen, fluids and energy around the body and to the brain.

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