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Auto-immune illnesses and the Infra-red Sauna.

Is an Infra-red sauna like a normal steam or dry-heat sauna?

No, not really. It heats objects, i.e. your body rather than the surrounding air. Normal saunas get you sweating by sheer force of heat whereas infra-red saunas heat the deepest organs and tissues of the body by penetrating the infra-red band of light about 3-4cm below the skin surface. This causes the body to sweat at a temperature of only 35-45C, heating the internal tissues without overheating the skin and respiratory system as ordinary saunas do.

I actually prefer being in the portable unit rather than in a multi person wooden one, but that is because my head is free so I don´t feel claustrophobic and also I am very relaxed on a massage bed.

Far infrared Sauna Dome


What conditions does the Infra red sauna help?

It assists auto-immune illnesses such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Hashimotos thyroiditis, Graves disease and fibromyalgia.


Infra red waves matches the frequency of the water in our cells, causing toxins to be released into the blood stream and excreted through sweat. Increased blood circulation caused by sweating stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built up toxins and waste. As the heat penetrates the deeper, denser tissues, the infra-red heat softens deposits of crystallized toxins and acid wastes in the joints, nerves, and connective tissues allowing them to be dissolved and excreted via the bloodstream, lymphatic system, and through the skin as sweat.

It has been proven that many Auto-Immune issues stem from heavy metal toxicity. Many physicians first port of call is asking for you to have any mercury fillings removed. This kind of heat is particularly effective for eliminating heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, zinc and nickel from the tissues as well as toxins like nicotine, alcohol and chemicals.

Immune support

Each time you take a sauna session, there is a brief increase in body temperature, which boosts the production of infection-fighting white blood cells (leukocytes) by your bone marrow and killer T-cells by your thymus. This process has a beneficial effect on your immune system. I must admit that is took me nearly all my 30 minute session to break sweat during my first sessions in the early days, but now with on a high setting I am breaking sweat within minutes and feeling the benefits are stronger with each session.

High blood pressure

The soft heat relaxes blood vessels, helping reduce high blood pressure and not adding to it as conventional saunas can. It is super relaxing at the time but also you will feel invigorated later in the day.

Water retention, lymphatic issues, bloating and weight gain

Infra-red therapy helps eliminate excess moisture, salt and subcutaneous fat from the body. Sweating is a part of the complex thermo-regulatory process of the body that increases the heart rate and improves the heart-pumping capacity of the heart. It also uses up energy to burn fat as at 43C fat becomes water soluble and can be dissolved and disposed of by sweating. A single sauna is said to be equivalent to 30 minutes moderate exercise, so you can lose weight at the same time as detoxifying your entire body!

Pain and joint stuff

The deep penetrating heat of infra-red saunas dilates blood vessels increasing blood flow and improving circulation which in turn allows more oxygen to reach the muscles and other body tissues. This makes infra-red sauna therapy very effective in treating arthritis, rheumatism, muscular spasms, soft tissue injuries and gives general joint pain relief.

Some extra assurance 

Infra-red sauna therapy has been used safely for over 30 years in hospitals for premature babies, and in the United States NASA uses it in their spaceships to provide health and safety benefits to their astronauts.

In summary, we’re exposed to many different toxins, and while we need to try to minimise our exposure to these, it is impossible to eliminate our exposure to all toxins. As a result, you should do things to eliminate toxins from your body such as regular de-toxification through abstinence and a clean diet but also the infra red sauna is a powerful tool in your armoury.

What about Electro-Magnetic Fields?

Most of them have electromagnetic shielding on ALL wiring and are perfectly safe.  Of course whether purchasing your own or going to your local spa or beauty centre you should always check first.

Where to use one?

I currently go to Flawless Marbella in San Pedro de Alcantara. So if you´re in the area check out all the great deals that Flawless Marbella has going on. Click here for their Facebook page.

You can also buy one for at home. This attractive unit is the smallest and most economical one I could find for more than one person.

When price and portability are a priority, the unit below works very well in comparison to a wooden sauna. 

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