08 Jul
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How To Get Stunningly Silky Soft Hair

There are a few paths that converged and made me decide to buy and then promote the ionic (negative ions) water shower head. 

First of all Maria, my aerial yoga teacher, was saying about the amount of chalk in our local water supply and how it had led to her husband (in his 20´s) having kidney stones. 

Well I had heard of this before because I worked for many years on a de-tox retreat in a local Andalucian village and there it was common also for the villagers to suffer with kidney stones because of the amount of chalk and calcium in the water.

So as we were talking about water supply another student from Russia said, “Well I had to buy the ionic shower heads as my hair has been terrible since we moved here“.

So the discussion moved onto skin and hair and within minutes I said, “ Okay let me look into these shower heads and also water bottles ( like the Bobble ones we use in our home) and see what we can find.” 

Within days of starting research and talking to people about our local water I had decided to order the shower heads .

Within 2 weeks I was then selling the shower heads to Maria and her students and the idea of promoting them on My Body Zone took hold. They are such a great piece of equipment to have for so many reasons:

* Saving water not only helps the planet it saves on your water bills too. The ionic shower head has beads that force the water pressure out and at the same time ionise it so you use much less water yet have so much more water pressure.

* Strong water pressure and alkalinised water means less shampoo residue and so a cleaner, healthier scalp.

* The bioactive mineral stones helps to purify water by removing chlorine and releasing a large amount of negative ions while showering.

* Can be easily attached to the shower arm directly. Very convenient. Enjoy your own private spa at home!

Its just been one of the best purchases I´ve made in years and I love sharing it not only with my fellow yoginis but now with the My Body Zone community.

So if you live where the water is heavily processed, recycled or just naturally full of chalk minerals this will definitely give you softer, silkier hair, smoother skin and save you money on the bills to boot!

18€ plus p&p (6€ Europe, 9€ Worldwide)


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2 x Ionic Shower Heads for only 32€ plus p&p (10€ Europe, 15€Worldwide)


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