04 Jan

Connecting With Nature And Your Inner Child

The New Year is a great time to decide to make those small changes that can make a big impact on improving your health and lifestyle.

On a personal note last year was a year when we (my husband and I) spent months in hospital caring for our son. A saving grace, a moment of peace, was those times we managed to get out into nature and truly connect with our breathing.
For me snorkelling made me hear, control and truly connect with my breath. Within seconds I felt grounded and part of the “real world” outside the pain and fear that living in a hospital caring for your loved ones entails. In the winter is has been making myself go for walks outside and breathing deeply. Whether it is a walk, a cycle a swim or simply sitting under your favorite tree, being in nature and simply “being” will ground you and re-connect you to your true self.
So whatever challenges you face, go into nature and connect with your breath and your inner child. This I truly believe will give you strength and the reserves you need to carry on in times of stress.


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