19 Sep

Classic Hummus

The health benefits of eating raw garlic, fresh lemon juice and high protein sesame seeds (tahini paste) and chickpeas, makes hummus (aka humus or houmous) the perfect dish to always have in the fridge.
When you need to snack, when you need to provide an entree for a meal or whether you want to use it in your packed lunches it is a super healthy dish to have in your repertoire and diet.
I usually serve with vegetable crudités such as carrots, cucumbers, red peppers and celery but with breads, crackers, jacket potatoes and even slices of apple it is a truly nutritious part of anyone’s meal times.

Glass bowl, hand blender (a food processor can be used) lemon squeezer, sharp knife and chopping board.
Jar of chickpeas( approx 500g ) or you can soak and cook your own dried chickpeas )
2 x lemons
Tahini paste
2/3 x cloves of garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
mybodyzone recipe hummus 01

Peel and chop garlic
Squeeze 2 lemons
Place both the ingredients in a bowl
mybodyzone recipe hummus 02

Add the well rinsed chickpeas to this garlic & lemon juice mixture.
mybodyzone recipe hummus 03

Add 3 dessert or soup spoons of the extra virgin olive oil.
mybodyzone recipe hummus 04

Add 3 dessert or soup spoons of the tahini paste.
Make sure you mix the tahini well in the jar as the paste tends to separate.
mybodyzone recipe hummus 05

Add seasoning at this stage.
In a classic hummus this is salt and pepper,
but you will also find in some homes that sweet paprika or cumin is also added,
so you can experiment to your taste.
mybodyzone recipe hummus 06

Add 3 soup or dessert spoons of room temperature water and mix well.
mybodyzone recipe hummus 07

Using a hand blender start to break down the ingredients.
A pulsating up and down action gives nice creamy results.
mybodyzone recipe hummus 09

Taste and add more seasonings or liquid.
This can be lemon juice, oil or water depending upon what you think is needed.
I do find overnight refrigeration tends to lessen the zesty lemon taste,
so more can be added before you serve.
mybodyzone recipe hummus 10

Hummus is a high protein raw food that keeps really well in the fridge for over 1 week.
Pictured here with just carrots but it’s also great with a selection of crudités, breads and crackers.
mybodyzone recipe hummus 11

Dress with sweet paprika and a dash of olive oil ready for dipping.
mybodyzone recipe hummus 12

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