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How to Lose Midriff Fat

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It’s that time of year again, and also maybe that age if you are in your forties like me, where your midriff fat can start to become a bit of a problem.

The midriff fat can very soon turn into midriff obesity if not handled right and this can become a crucial health concern both in males and females. The problem is just as bad when the midriff fat attacks younger people. The troubles that come with obesity are actually more acute when it starts in youth; most of the time these people do not live beyond their mid forties or fifties due to heart and related problems.

A fat midriff is not only highly unattractive but also a bit of a health hazard. So what are the measures that you could take to fight it off or even prevent it? For one, there are no magic pills or weight loss programs that attack only the fat located in your midriff. You can’t really just reduce the weight from the middle, you must think of it as an all-over change to your body

Steps to really help you in reducing midriff fat:

  1. Stop drinking alcohol. A “beer belly” is layers of fat caused by, you guessed it, drinking. Alcohol has more empty calories than most people realize. Try a low-carb or low-calorie beverage instead. Zero calories is the optimum number, and water is the ideal drink. To really notice a difference in skin quality around the abdomen drink your recommended 2 litres of water a day..up to 3 if you are really working out, or in a hot climate.
  2. Watch your diet. Try protein with each meal. Eat many small meals rather a few large ones, ideally six meals a day instead of three. Practice portion control. Fat around the middle is still fat, and comes from the same place all the other fat comes from. For some ideas about the types of food to eat you could read our article on 6 of the best foods for maximizing muscle growth.
  3. Find a workout routine that combines cardio, weight lifting and stretching. Contrary to common belief, you can’t really “target your abs,” except for toning muscle. Fat loss has to be body-wide, and exercise is primarily to build strength and burn calories. One of the workouts you could try is our pilates video Essential Core routine.
  4. Take vitamins to boost your metabolism and help your body run more efficiently. Consider that stress and hormonal changes can lead to weight gain, and adjust your daily routine to compensate.
  5. Eating, sleeping, relaxing, working – everything should be done in moderation. It is true that today we live in a highly competitive world where everybody needs to excel at what they do. However, as much as work is important, so is relaxation. You need to eat your meals in time; you need to have at least 6 hours ( that’s 8 hours ideally, ) of sleep per night and you need to de-stress your mind and body on a regular basis. Try our exercises for stress relief page which has articles and videos of many exercises and breathing techniques that can help you de-stress.

All these in combination would help you get rid of your midriff fat. This is a slow process, but if you stick at it you will see results within three to four weeks and depending on your starting condition you should be able to achieve the midriff you desire withing two to three months. Remember to be patient and to maintain a basic discipline in your day-to-day life. You should always aim to prevent the midriff fat from building; but if you find yourself with an unwanted tire around your middle start your anti-midriff fat measure today.

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  • We are not all Raw-foodists..we do like to cook our food…especially in winter with soups and winter warmers high on the list..so here’s a thought about using coconut oil ( raw, organic and cold-processed mind, ) for cooking and not adding fat to the diet.
    I find it abit pricey..but as we start off with good intentions at this time of year it’s worth the extra few bob/ cents …

    . Coconut oil handles high heats very well, so it is perfect for cooking. Coconut oil is a beneficial saturated fat. About two thirds of the saturated fats are medium chain triglycerides, which are very beneficial for you. Coconut oil is also high in lauric acid, which has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.

    Unlike vegetable oils, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are not stored in your body’s fat cells. Rather, MCTs are immediately converted into energy. In other words, when you eat coconut oil, your body immediately uses it as energy and does not store it as body fat.

    Remember that you need saturated fat in your diet. It just has to be from beneficial sources. Saturated fats are beneficial for brain activity as well as the integrity of your cell walls, hair skin nails etc. However, you have to be careful which coconut oil you do use. Some will be refined, mechanically expeller pressed, and exposed to high heat, which may denature the beneficial properties that this precious oil contains.

    Coconut oil should be raw, unrefined, organic, extra virgin, and cold pressed. This has all the pluses. It’s not refined, it’s 100% raw, which means all of the nutritional activity is still inside of it, and it was cold pressed. I buy my coconut oil from a company named Nutiva.

    Coconut oil goes a long way. A small jar will last you a long time. In temperatures below 76°F, coconut oil will be solid and white in color. In temperatures above 76°F, coconut oil will be liquid and clear in color. It’s okay either way. You don’t have to refrigerate it.

    Coconut oil is really great. It will not add a coconut flavor to your food. In fact, since it handles high heat very well, it is perfect for cooking. And, it will not make you gain weight.

    I hope this helps you.

    Best regards,

    Alexander Morentin
    author of Better Living With Whole foods

  • Thanks for the great ideas for taking care of the little problem I have starting. I am 36 and the time I spend working at a computer is starting to leave a litle pooch I do not like.

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